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Welcome to the website of
Shetlandska hvezda kennel

We would like to kindly warn you about Heather M. Bendelow and the kennel Amethrickeh. Please read our story.

News on the website

PF 2016

13. 3. 2015 - Crufts

0ur Bisha (Ch. Fortune Tinklebelle) at Crufts 2015!

Special thank for judge Milan Krinke, friend Marcela and my boyfriend Lukas! It was a lovely time!

February 2015

Victory show Nitra (SK)
Judge: T. Havelka (SK)
Ch. Fortune Tinklebelle - Ex 1, CAC, Victory Junior Winner
Ch. Altamira Shetlandska hvezda - Ex 1, CAC, Victory Winner

2014 - Year club show competition


Jch. Fortune Tinklebelle - 1. place The best showing female SHELTIE CLUB CZ 2014
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - 2. place The best showing female SHELTIE CLUB CZ 2014
ICh. Amethrickeh Apparition - 7. The best showing male SHELTIE CLUB CZ 2014

Jch. Fortune Tinklebelle - 1. place adult female + 1. place young female!
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - 2. place adult female
ICh. Amethrickeh Apparition - 1. place veteran male

Jch. Fortune Tinklebelle - TOP ADULT BITCH + TOP JUNIOR BITCH (the most points of all registered sheltie!)
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - 2. place TOP ADULT BITCH
ICh. Amethrickeh Apparition - 3. TOP VETERAN (all breeds!)

19. 12. 2014 - PF 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

By Debra St. Germain

20. 11. 2014 - HD results

We are happy!
BRILYN Shetlandská hvězda - HD A, ED 0/0!
BEAUTY Shetlandská hvězda - HD A, ED 0/0!

6. 10. 2014 - DUOCACIB Bratislava

4. 10. 2014 - Judge Gabriela Ridarčíková
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - Ex 1 - completed veteran champion SK
JCh. Fortune Tinklebelle - Ex 1, CAC
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - completed champion SK

5. 10. 2014 - Judge pan Milan Krinke
JCh. Fortune Tinklebelle - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - Qualification for Crufts 2015!
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - Ex 2, r. CAC

5. 10. 2014 - Judge Jørgen Hindse, Dánsko
Ch. Capita Amazonka - australian shepherd - Ex1, CAC, r. CACIB - completed champion SK

Our new little hope (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen):
Nadja av Hoffvoff - 2x VP1

6. 10. 2014 - Last shows

Our little blue girl Bisha (Jch. Fortune Tinklebelle) shining again!
International dog show České Budějovice 20. 9. 2014 - Ex1, CAC, r. CACIB - judge J. Matyáš (SK)
National Brno 27. 9. 2014 - Ex1, CAC, National winner (Best bitch) -judge T. Havelka (SK)
Thank you all!

7. 9. 2014 - Club show Pardubice 2014

BOTANICA Shetlandska hvezda - HD A, ED 0/0

Judge: MVDr. Eva Fialová
Jch. Fortune Tinklebelle - intermediate - Ex1, CAC, best female, best movement, best bi-blue!
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - winners - Ex1, CAC
Thank you all! Photo by Jan Pončík. Thank you!

26. 8. 2014 - New photos

BRILYN Shetlandská hvězda - 1 year and 5 months

7. 7. 2014 - BSG results

HD A, ED 0/0, patella free!

Congratulations Žaneta, Im so happy!

Photo by: Nada Hasman

30. 6. 2014 - Little trip to Serbia

At weekend 14-15. 6. 2014 we are make little trip tu Serbia.

CARSON Medvědí tlapa - Australian Shepherd - new Serbia champion and INTERCHAMPION!
Lovesome Dream Joker - sheltie - new INTERCHAMPION!
Etoile du Soir Lago Benea - routh collie - new Sebria champion (Saturday BIG 2!)!
Fortune Tinklebelle - our sheltie Bisha- new juniorchampion Serbia (Saturday BIG JUNIOR)!

Thank you all! It was incredible weekend!

30. 6. 2014 - NDS Klatovy

National dog show Klatovy
Judge: Iuza Beradze
Battlestar Galactica Shetlandská hvězda - Excellent 1, CAC
Congrats Žaneta!

12. 5. 2014 - Slovakia club shows 2014

10. 5. 2014 - Jubilee Club show Lučenec - Slovakia
Judge Timea Kakas (HU)

C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - Ex1 in veteran class, BIS veteran
Fortune Tinklebelle - Ex1, CAJC, Junior club winner
Ch. Altamira Shetlandska hvezda - Ex1, CAC, Club winner!

11. 5. 2014 - Club show Lučenec - Slovakia
Judge István Székely (HU)

C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - Ex1 in veteran class
Fortune Tinklebelle - Ex2
Ch. Altamira Shetlandska hvezda - Ex1, CAC

Altamira completed the club championship!

21. 4. 2014 - Weekend

Club show SHELTIE CLUB CZ 2014
Judge: Milan Krinke

Fortune Tinklebelle - ex2(11) after lovely girl with BOJ and BOB!

Szilvásvárad CACIB

Judge: Geoff Duffield
Fortune Tinklebelle - ex 4, she missing coat
Ch. Altamira Shetlandska hvezda - ex 2, r. CAC

AAPKK Clubshow 2014 - Hungary
Judge: Michel Mocqué

Ch. Altamira Shetlandska hvezda - ex 4

9. 4. 2014 - Herding

Battlestar Galactica Shetlandská hvězda - 1 year
First steps with sheeps

29. 3. 2014 - Fortune hips and elbows results

OurFortune Tinklebelle is HD A, ED 0/0. We are happy!
Thank you, Tatiana, for my little blue lady.

10. 3. 2014 - Crufts

Lovely CHALMOOR STAND AND STARE, father of our future litters C, won the prestigious dog show Crufts 2nd place in yearling class. Entries 12 dogs!
Congratulations Ginette!

Sable CH RANNERDALE GHOSTBUSTER, father our Pinty (C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition) again showed his quality in veteran class. Won 2nd place out of 16 dogs! We join the throng of well-wishers!

9. 3. 2014 - Happy B-DAY!

Yesterday celebrated our B litter their first birthday. We wish everyone all the best!

26. 2. 2014 - Xsara is 10 years old!

Our lovely Ch. Altamira from Katarína Schmiesterová and Slovakia collie and sheltie club. Thank you!

Today our Xsara (ze Souhvezdi Orionu) celebrates 10 years! Happy birthday!

11. 2. 2014 - TOP DOG results

10. 1. 2014 - TOP DOG at Slovakia club

CH. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - TOP BITCH 2013 and the most points of all registered sheltie! We are very happy!

We are still waiting for results from the Czech club.
Thank you all very, very much because 2013 was very difficult. But we scored well at shows. "Moya" got CAC at two club shows in the Czech Republic and on top of that, one Best Bitch. In Slovakia, she won a CC at club show (class winner). She finished 3 championships in 2013 and made me incredibly happy. My beautiful girl, my Moya.

14. 12. 2013

25. 11. 2013 - Zagreb shows

ZAGREB 2x CACIB - Croatia

23. 11. 2013
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - Best Veteran
Ch. Defty Blue Mount Mckinkey (Australian Kelpie) - CAC, CACIB, BOB - nomination Crufts
Ch.Cofee Amazonka (Australian Shepherd) - Ex3

24. 11. 2013 - Zagreb Winner
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - Best Veteran, BOB!!! - finished VeteranChampion of Croatia
Ch. Defty Blue Mount Mckinkey - CAC, CACIB, Zagreb Winner, BOB - finished Champion of Croatia
Ch.Cofee Amazonka - Ex2, r. CAC

Thank you all! Owners, friends and judges too! Excellent weekend!

"Pinto" (Amethrickeh Apparition) wins Best of Breed in 8 years from veteran class. Im so proud. Thank you Pinto for fulfillment of my dream!
Photo from Facebook "Best in Show"

17. 11. 2013

Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda "Moya"
CEA/PRA/Kat. free again!

Our Altamira plans puppies of foreign coverage! 3/4 English blood! Read more HERE!

9. 11. 2013 - Club show (collie and sheltie) in Mlada Boleslav

Today Fortune was on your side and Pilinka waving from the clouds. I do not know any other explanation!

Judges: Mrs. Lisa Pettitt, GB, Mrs. Angela Harvey, GB
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - Ex1 at veteran class, best sable sheltie
Fortune Tinklebelle - very promising 2 (6!), best bicolor sheltie
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - Ex1, CAC

"Pinto" a "Moya" - third place as the best couple

Thank you all! Another amazing day in my life!

6. 11. 2013 - Hrádek u Nechanic

The last week we were taking pictures on Hrádku u Nechanic. Thank you all!
Photos by Alena Köhlerová.
New photos have (at card) Aramis SH, Apparition SH, Brilyn SH, Fortune Tinklebelle, Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim. New photos available boy Birmingham Shetlandská hvězda!

4. 11. 2013 - 2x CACIB Prague

CACIB Praha - 2. 11. 2013
Fortune Tinklebelle - very promising 1
judge: Edith Soltesz

2x CACIB Praha 2. - 3. 11. 2013
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition
Judge: Edith Soltesz, Ivana Němečková

2x Excellent 1, Best of Veteran

Completed Veteran champion Czech Republic! Thank you my little boy.

Photos by Alča Köhlerová, thank you!

12. 10. 2013 - HAPPY BIG DAY!

C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition call Pinto celebrates 8 years. The most valuable dog we have at home, a great friend. A member of our family. Happy birthday my lovely boy!
Also, it is now 9 years of registration our kennel name.

12. 10. 2013 - Regional show Praha Džbán
Judge: M. Václavík
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparition - veteran class winner
Fortune Tinklebelle - very promising 1

26-27. 10. 2013 - 2xCACIB Bratislava
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - 2x r. CAC

23. 9. 2013 - Club show

Judge: Eva Hájková
Fortune Tinklebelle - puppy - very promising 1
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - winner - Ex 1, CAC, Vítěz Chropyně 2013 (= Best bitch!) + completed Club champion!

Thank you all!

18. 9. 2013

We plane sable and tricolor puppies from UK sires

Info about litter "C"
Info about litter "D"

5. 9. 2013 - Birmicek is for sale

FOR SALE - Birmingham Shetlandská hvězda. CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/+, ONLY 33,5cm.
[email protected], 602 30 12 11

24. 8. 2013

Apparition + Altamira Shetlandska hvezda

Apparition Shetlandska hvezda
STUD DOG - CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/-, HD A, ED 0/0, full teeths, ear naturally, CAC CZ

23. 8. 2013 - Puppies "B"

Battlestar Galactica Shetlandská hvězda

Brilyn Shetlandská hvězda

Beauty Shetlandská hvězda

Birmingham Shetlandská hvězda

11. 8. 2013 - Litter "D"

We plan last puppies from our Patty. UK matting, all puppies CEA DNA normal. MORE HERE
If you are interested in our puppies, please contact the fast. This mating will be only in the event that more candidates.

Hello! My name is Fortune!

Love at first sight! Small, beautiful, always happy and smart girl from Kiev! Thank breeder Tatiania Boyko for lovely biblue Bisha!
Bisha pedigree not includes USA bloodlines!
Fortune Tinklebelle site!

22. 7. 2013 - New photo

Hibiscus at Small Swan
11,5 months

Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda
2 roky

9. 7. 2013 - Birmingham

Boy Birmingham looking for a new home. CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/+

16. 6. 2013 - Special show in Slovakia

BOYS - CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/+, one for showing and breeding

Special show - Lučenec - Slovakia 16. 6. 2013

Judge: MVDr G. Ridarčíková
Virtual Village Slow Fox from Dangerous Dream "Merlin" - ex. 1, CC
C. I. B. Amethrickeh Apparitino "Pinto" - ex.1, CC, Special club show winner 2013,
Battlestar Galactica Shetlandská hvězda "Hope" - vp1, BEST BABY
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda "Moya" - ex. 1, CC

Photos by Viktor Bella, thank you!

31.05.2013 - Ugly rumours spreading

Some people have began posting on certain internet forums that I breed just for money and that they would not go to me for a puppy (I will not go into detail as to who and where). I was deeply sad to read this - and I am sure it would hurt any true sheltie lover to be called a puppyfarmer. It is even more sad that the person who posted this was clearly misled and did not properly understand the letter posted on this website regarding Mrs. Bendelow and her terrible behaviour. The main aim of the letter was to stop Mrs. Bendelow from hurting any more animals and not about getting back money paid for Pinto. He is a dear member of my family now and I would never return him to that horrible person.

If somebody thinks I do this just for the money, perhaps they should consider the fact that I have had two litters in 10 years of having shelties and that I have recently refused to sell a puppy after a 18 hour trip to the possible new owner because her dogs were living almost exclusively outside. My matings have been aimed at producing only healthy puppies because I deeply care about the breed. My website with a list of affected Czech shelties shows that health is very important to me. At the same time, however, I do not overcharge for healthy puppies like some other kennels do.

Giving the wrong ideas or straight-out lying is very easy anonymously on the internet. I invite anyone to visit me to see how my shelties live (at home, on my bed) and to get to know me in person.

Katerina Pankova

15. 5. 2013 - Available CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/+

! Two sable boys CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/+ !

Birmingham + Brilyn

Our Altamira lost coat, but despite this se is a new champion!
Ch. Altamira Shetlandská hvězda

30. 4. - CEA DNA results

We are really happy!
Brilyn Shetlandská hvězda - CEA DNA NORMAL
Birmingham Shetlandská hvězda - CEA DNA NORMAL

Beauty Shetlandská hvězda - CEA DNA NORMAL
Botanica Shetlandská hvězda - CEA DNA NORMAL
Battlestar Galactica Shetlandská hvězda - CEA DNA CARRIER

15. 4. 2013 - Available show puppies

Two sable boys MDR1 +/+, CEA DNA will be done (can be only NORMAL or CARRIER). MORE HERE

ICH. Brilyn The Jazz Master

CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
CEA DNA carrier
MDR1 +/+
DKK HD A, ED 0/0
full dental, sable
CH GB. Mohnesee Musical Illusion JW
CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
CEA DNA normal
HD A2 (BVA HD 3/4=7)
Mohnesee Bandmaster JW
CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
HD A2 (BVA HD 4/3=7)
Mohnesee Bewitched
CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
CEA DNA normal
HD B (BVA HD 6/6=12)
Herds Hurricane Harriet
Erjon the Haymaker

Maryville Storm Warning
CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim

CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
CEA DNA normal
MDR1 +/+
3. TOP Junior Sheltie SK klub 2009, CAC
full dental, sable


Ch. White Coastal Little Ricky

CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
CEA DNA normal
MDR1 +/+
ED 0/0
PL 0/0

full dental, tricolor
Ch. Eastdale Classic Farmer
CEA, RD neg.
CEA DNA normal
MDR1 +/-

White Coastal Little Nibelung
Ch. Belle Brigitte Smaal Kim
CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
CEA DNA normal
MDR1 +/+

full dental, sable
Moorwood Handsome Quartermaster
CEA/PRA/Kat neg.
Orchidea Black z Ďáblovy studánky
full dental, sable

29. 3. 2013 - Available puppies

One sable girl and two sable boys MDR1 +/+, CEA DNA will be done (can be only NORMAL or CARRIER).


29. 3. 2013 - year-long show results competition

In 2012 we presented at shows our new hope ALTAMIRA Shetlandská hvězda.

Dog of the Year - young female sheltie 2012 (Klub chovatelů collií a sheltií)
3. place The best showing female SHELTIE CLUB CZ 2012
(For ALL female)

I am very proud!

19. 3. 2013 - Two boys available

Both boys MDR1 +/+, CEA DNA will be done (can be only NORMAL or CARRIER).


9. 3. 2013 - WE HAVE A PUPPIES!!!!

Born 8. 3. 2013 - 3 girl, 2 boys. More about pupps here. Boys are still availible.

4. 3. 2013 - We waiting for pupps!

Litters "B" - more here! Father, Brilyn The Jazz Master, is now C. I. B.! (Interchampion!)

28. 1. 2013 - TOP DOG 2012 - Klub chovatelov kólií a šeltií SK

This year competitions only Altamira. Pinto waiting for veteran class 2014.
ALTAMIRA Shetlandská hvězda - TOP GIRL SHELTIE 2012, TOP JUNIOR GIRL SHELTIE 2012 "Moya" received the most points from all sheltie! I am proud!!!

New Aydindril Shetlandska hvezda photos by Henkel K. Thank you! More photos here - Excellent Choice website
Still available one golden boy in Excellent Choice kennel. Father is Aydindril SH.

27. 1. 2013

Today it is 10 years with sheltie. The first girl was call Pili (Vch. Ch. Charlota Gold ze Sedlmajerovi vyly). She died one month before the day. :(

8. 1. 2013 - Awesome weekend

National dog show in Brno - 5. 1. 2013
Apparition Shetlandská hvězda - V1, CAC v intermediate class - judge Mlada Svobodová

2 days, 2 000km, 2 shelties and ONE LOVE
Last weekend we were in France. Jazz mated our Patty. We hope for a healthy and beautiful puppies. Litter "B".
BIG THANK Tereza, Vojta a Roberto. Thank you Fabrice for the many care!

One photo from journey. Patty and Roberto :)

PF 2013

Photos by Claudii and Lucie Kazměrčíková. Thank you!
Aydindril Shetlandská hvězda

Altamira Shetlandská hvězda

Thank you for all, my little princess

4. 12. 2000 - 5. 12. 2012

She left us for the Rainbow Bridge our princess Pilinka. I feel like someone bumped into the heart of nail ... I still feel pain.


We all planing new litters. Only UK blood! All pupps MDR1 +/+, CEA DNA normal or carrier.

ALTAMIRA Shetlandská hvězda
V1, CAC, r. CACIB - MVP České Budějovice - judge: M. Svobodová
V2 in young class - Euro dog show Bukurest
V1, CAC - MVP Nitra - judge: J-K-Papp

Our Aramis Shetlandská hvězda is availible for stud!

We welcome new friends!

Virtual Village Slow Fox from Dangerous Dream

Lovely sable dog with UK blood. He stay here only little time! AVAILIBLE FOR STUD. Thank you, Dirk!

Hibiscus at Small Swan - import Hungary

"Dajen" live with Michaela Birasova in Happy Sun kennel. We are only co-owners. Thank you, Bogi!

February 19th - Aydindril has a new home!

Our lovely Aydindril Shetlandska hvezda now has a new home in Germany! We wish him all the best in his new life.

Aydindril Shetlandsha hvezda

December 17th, 2011 - Birthday and other news

Xsara underwent a surgery at the beginning of December. The stomach is sewn and will not trouble us again.

Pili and Niky had their 11th birthday. All the best, girls! Aydindril is still available! He is now 7 months old, 34cm high and has full teeth. CEA DNA normal, MDR1 +/-.

Aydindril Shetlandsha hvezda

November 6th, 2011 - 56th Club show of collies rough, smooth and shelties

Prague, 6th November

We've had an incredible day, better than life. Thank you so much to everybody! Lenka, Lenka, Lada, my parents. We've managed to do it all. My thanks go to the judges as well: Piia Enlund and Eerola Päivi. Photos: Jana Zemková, Lenka Fránková. Thank you!

ICh. Amethrickeh Apparition - with big competition in Winner's class - Excellent 1, CAC, best dog + best sable dog, BOB, 2nd BIS (out of 153 dogs) behind this years World Dog Show BOB collie bitch (also BIG, BOD from the show the day before).

Pinto Pinto

Altamira Shetlandská hvězda - puppy class - Very promissing 1, 3rd best puppy

Altamira Shetlandska hvezda Altamira Shetlandska hvezda Altamira Shetlandska hvezda

Aramis Shetlandská hvězda - puppy class - Very promissing 1, 2nd best puppy

Congratulations go to BIS Merry and to Lenneli kennel!

October 9th, 2010

Apparition Shetlandska hvezda has a new home near Prague, we'll see how he does at dog shows. For those wanting a puppy, we still have Aydindril Shetlandska hvezda available. A smaller dog but very fast, CEA DNA normal.

We have been to a lot of shows lately. In Poland (September 18th, judged by Malcom Hart - UK), our puppies Altamira and Aramis were Very Promissing with Amethrickeh Apparition winning the open class and finishing the championship of Poland!

At a regional show in Prague (October 1st, judged by Ovesna - CZ), the same puppies were again Very Promissing with Amethrickeh Apparition winning the title Regional winner. Our veteran bitch Cheyla Gold also won the veteran class.

And finally, at special show near Chropyne (September 10th, judged by Semik Mariola - PL), our Amethrickeh Apparition won the title Winner of the special show. Our little black devil Linda (Yollinda ze Sedlmajerovy vily) was excellent and deemed good for entry into breeding programme.

July 14th, 2011 - CEA DNA results

Apparition R/R non-affected
Aramis R/R non-affected
Aydindril R/R non-affected
Altamira R/r carrier

VIDEO: "A story about Aydindril and how he refused to go down the stairs "

July 4th, 2011 - Clinical eye examination

Our puppies underwent the clinical eye examination earlier today with a very encouraging results: all puppies are CEA/KAT/PRA clear. We have repeated the clinical test also with their mother, Patty Gabriela, with the same result. We are sorting through the photos of the puppies and will post some more soon. In the meantime, enjoy this video of puppies outside: YouTube.

June 20, 2011 - The more successful of our attempts at group photos :)

June 16, 2011 - A few new photos...

June 10, 2011 - Exploring!

The puppies are mastering their walking skills and are exploring what lies beyond their sleeping box. In the photo below, Altamira tries to drink but she does not yet know how :)

July 6th, 2011 - Changes in CEA DNA testing

Due to aggressive PENDING patent-enforcement behaviour by a certain genetic lab that wishes to control the dog DNA testing market, we are forced to DNA-test our litter A for CEA only "unofficially" - under the blanked "for research purposes". We do not wish to support the behaviour due to which several major (and popular) European genetic labs had to stop performing "commercial" CEA DNA tests for a fair price. Therefore, while the results WILL BE ACCURATE AND TRUSTWORTHY, in official paperwork, the puppies have to be marked as "untested". The prices charged by the PENDING patent holders are extortionate and we will not submit to such practices. It is a clear signal that for some people, profit is more important than health.

If you know of a laboratory which still performs CEA DNA tests for a fair price, please let us know! We will gladly spread the information to as many breeders as possible!

July 5th, 2011 - More puppy news

First of all, thank you everyone for your congratulations!
Litter A - New photos (see individual puppy profiles). First worming done today. Altamira is opening her eyes, the boys are taking a little longer. If you are interested in getting a puppy, please email us at [email protected]. More info in the PUPPIES section.

Litter B - We have found a suitable father for our litter B. Photos and more information soon. Needless to say, it will be a very interesting mating with the father from abroad.

Our little black devil Linda (YLLINA ze Sedlmajerovy vily) celebrated her 1 year yesterday by being as naughty as ever :) We love her and wish her many successes!

May 27th, 2011 - PUPPIES ARE HERE

We have 4 beautiful sheltie puppies. All information here: litter A.

May 17th, 2011 - Health pedigree

For our litter A, we have prepared a health pedigree. You can see it here.

April 4th, 2011 - Great news

We have visited our vet on Tuesday and we have some great news. Our little Patty will have 4, maybe 5 puppies. We are really happy and excited and we hope everything will go smoothly and that the little shelties will be healthy. We will consider selling a puppy internationally, please contact us for further details. Puppies will be sable only and come with excellent pedigrees. More information about Litter A here.

Plus a nice photo of our Amethrickeh Apparition taken during our geocaching trip to "Kacina".

March 29th, 2011 - Patty has been mated!

While watching the online stream from Crufts 2011, we regretted not going to the UK. Our little Patty Gabriela probably heard us because she went into season right on Monday. 7 days later, we were enjoying beautiful and warm sunshine in Yorkshire while visiting Karmidale Monet, the father of our first litter. The mating was successful and we are eagerly waiting for the results of the sonograph.
Many thanks to Maureen Bywater for a beautiful visit

Shelley, UK

Our original first litter mothered by Bayle Blue z Bozi zahrady has been moved to autumn 2011. We are looking for a suitable father - tricolor DNA clear dog without American blood.

One of the local collies and shelties club held once again a year long competition DOG OF THE YEAR. Here are the results:

Ich. Amethrickeh Apparition - 1st place (adult), big congratulations!

YLLINA ze Sedlmajerovy vily - 2nd place in puppy class out of 10 other dogs and bitches

VetCh. Charlota Gold ze Sedlmajerovy vily - 1st place in veteran class. I only wish I could get health along with the title and the certificate as our oldest bitch is in need of it. This title concludes her whole show career although we were never able to get the last CAC for the Czech champion title. We love her very, very much. We really enjoyed our shows together and we hope we will be able to still care for her for yet a very long time (she is 10 years old).

Season's Wishes

December 6th, 2010 - Wels, Birthdays and Linda!

2x CACIB Wels (AT)
4. 12. - Brigitte Bregenzer (A)
Ch. Amethrickeh Apparition - champion class - Excellent 2, r. CACA /3/
Yolinda ze Sedlmajerovy vily - junior class - Very Promissing /4/ (no order given in this class)

5. 12. - Phylis Poduschka-Aigner (A)
Ch. Amethrickeh Apparition - champion class - Excellent 2, r. CACA, r. CACIB /3/
Yolinda ze Sedlmajerovy vily - junior class - Very Promissing /2/ (no order given in this class)

I was also able to show my love Bayla:
BAYLA BAYLA Nirreterrit - 2x Veteranensieger

Thanks to Lenka for a great weekend!
More about Bayla and other rough collies we had with us here:

On Saturday, our oldest bitches - our beloved champion Pilinka (Charlota Gold) and her beautiful sister Niky (Cheyla Gold) - celebrated their 10th birthday. We wish them all the best and hope they will make us happy for more years to come.

Our young and small hope Linda (Yolinda ze Sedlmajerovy vily) will be a nice bitch in adulthood. Here is a photo from 4 and a half months.

October 12rd, 2010

We are celebrating two anniversaries today. The first one is Pinto's birthday (he is 5) and the second one is the anniversary of the founding of Shetlandska hvezda kennel back in 2004.

Our crossbreed Spagetka (or Spaghetti) was very successful last weekend when she won the title "Mladoboleslavsky vorisek 2010" - the best in show at a crossbreed show in Mlada Boleslav. Our Xsara, the least sheltie-like sheltie of our shelties, scored a second place in the category "non-pedigree dogs". It was a great day out, plenty of sun and we had lots of fun! Photos below.

October 3rd, 2010

We have a new addition to our group of shelties - a beatiful tricolour bitch. More info later!

The father of our 2011 litter will be Karmidale Monet with Tachnamadra JW.

September 15th, 2010

At a club show in Chropyne, our Pinto was awarded Excellent 1, CAC and won The Best Dog of Chropyne! Our Pilinka also scored in the veteran class, getting Excellent 1 and also the Best Veteran award! We are very happy!

We would like to alert you to the following Facebook page which uncovered a case of abused shelties in the USA. Please join, spread the word, help if you can! Thank you! Facebook page here

September 6th, 2010 - Club show in Pardubice, Puppies and more!

A special club show took place on Semptember the 4th in Pardubice, judged by Liz Beth C Liljeqvist from Sweden. Pinto won the open class against 9 other dogs and has therefore completed requirements to become a Czech Champion! Moreover, he won the "Best Sable Sheltie" competition which took place after judging!

In the veteran class, our Pili was second because due to her age, her movement is not as good as it used to be. Other than that, the judge liked her very much. Thanks to everyone for your help at Pardubice and in Bratislava! I couldn't have done this without you!

KV Pardubice 2010 KV Pardubice 2010

KV Pardubice 2010 KV Pardubice 2010

Hopefully we will go to UK to mate our youngest bitch Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim. See the "puppies" section!

On 21st and 22nd of August, Pinto won at a show in Bratislava 2x CAC and 2x res. CACIB (after BOB dog) and has therefore completed requirements to become a Slovak Champion!! We are very happy despite the fact that Pinto is no longer available for mating due to his hip score.

June 22nd, 2010 - Clinical eye examinations

We have been to MVDr. Beranek's clinic today in Pardubice and are happy to announce that the newest sheltie generation is without illnesses!

Amethrickeh APPARITION, PATTY GABRIELA Smaal Kim - CEA/PRA/Kat. negative
CHEYLA GOLD ze Sedlmajerovy vily - CEA/PRA/Kat. negative
CHARLOTA GOLD ze Sedlmajerovy vily - PRA/Kat negative, CEA positive - CEA hypoplasie choroidei, kolobom opt. disc

May 17th, 2010 - Shows and more

New development in the "Pinto" case. We have a statement from the "Klub chovatelu kolii a sheltii" club (basically saying they recognize the alterations on Pinto's ears). Furthermore, we have received a written court expert testimony from MVDr. Lubomir Siroky (who is also the president of the Bohemian and Moravian Cynological Union) confirming that alterations have been made. We are now ready to send a formal complain to the UK.

On a more positive note, here are some new pictures of our Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim.

Show results:
May 15th - 50th club show of "Klub chovatelu kolii a sheltii" (Repec, CZ), judge: Margaret Lambert (UK)
Amethrickeh Apparition - Excellent 3 out of 7, open class
Pili - Very good 3 out of 5, veteran class
Niky - Very good 4 out of 5, veteran class

May 16th - Central-East European Show (Bratislava, SK), judge: Judit Korózs-Papp (HU)
Pinto - Excellent 1 CAC, open class
Pilinka - Excellent 1, Central-East European Veteran Winner

Here are some prizes from this weekend and also a scan of our oldest bitch's hips - not looking so good with a round anomaly on the right. If anyone has any idea what it might be (our vets are clueless), please contact me ASAP.

April 25th, 2010 - An Article about Pinto

I am publishing and article about my dog, Amethrickeh Apparition and his condition. Everybody please read it and learn from my mistakes!

Download here: Pinto and his ears

March 12th, 2010 - News

Out of 11 veterans at Crufts 2010, Rannerdale Ghost Buster (father of our Amethrickeh Apparition) won the first place. Even at his age, he is a great dog and he surely did pass some of his great genes to Pinto :)

And here is a new, lovely photo of our Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim. She is growing up to be a beautiful bitch.

February 17th, 2010 - No puppies for now :(

Unfortunatelly, today's examination at our vet revealed that there will be no puppies this spring.

February 5th, 2010 - TOP DOG 2009 SLOVAKIA

Amethrickeh Apparition - TOP SHELTIE 2009
Vet Ch CZ+SK, Club. Ch. Charlota Gold ze Sedlmajerovy vily - TOP VETERAN SHELTIE, 3rd place TOP SHELTIE 2009
Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim - 3rd place TOP JUNIOR SHELTIE 2009, 9th place TOP SHELTIE 2009

January 14th, 2010 - Our first litter

We are expecting our first litter some time in late March 2010. More info about the parents can be found in the Puppies section.

December 10th, 2009 - Christmas Wels

At a Christmas Show in Austrian Wels, Pinto won Excellen3 on Saturday and Excellent 2, res. CACA and res. CACIB on Sunday. We are happy because he clearly was not in the mood for a show :)

photo by Marketa Chodilova

November 25th, 2009 - Puppies and more news

Our PATTY GABRIELA Small Kim and Amethrickeh Apparition are going to have puppies next year. We expect a litter well suited for dog shows as both of the parents have an excellent pedigree. More about them in the puppies section.

Charlota Gold ze Sedlmajerovy vily or "Pilinka" as we call her was awarded Slovak Veteran Champion and Club Champion titles. We are so happy and proud!

Amethrickeh Apparition or "Pinto" won a CACIB at the Prague International Dog Show! He has been very successful so far and we hope to have interchampion title by the end of 2010 :)

The CACIB Cup from Prague

October 12th, 2009 - World Dog Show 2009 and other shows

At a club show on October 3rd, "Pinto" was Excellent 1 and was awarded CAC and "Pilinka" in veteran class Excellent 2. Judged by Eva Fialova (CZ).

Unfortunately the World Dog Show was a big disappointment. Bad organization and a last minute judge change in the open class (from a UK judge to a Romanian one) were most unfortunate. "Pinto" was Very Good and so was "Pilinka". Judged by Muntean Petru (RO) and female veterans by Ligita Zake (LV).

The next day, our luck improved significantly at National Dog Show again in Bratislava. "Pinto" was Excellent 1 and was awarded CAC and BOB (our first one)! "Pilinka" was Excellent 1 and therefore fulfilled the requirements for Slovak Veteran Champion! We are very happy with this and it was a nice gift for Pinto's birthday today (12.10.)

Pinto will be available as a stud dog after the November show in Prague.

Heather, thanks so much for Pinto! He is really great and we love him very much!

September 16, 2009 - More shows!

We were quite successful in the past two weeks, despite several health problems.

Club dog show in Pardubice (September 5) - judge Bozena Czempas (PL).
Amethrickeh Apparition "Pinto" - Excellent (out of 11), 2nd best golden sheltie (the first was a BOB bitch)
Charlota Gold ze Sedlmajerovy vily "Pili" - Excellent 1, Best club show veteran

Photos from the show with photos from a birthday party of Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim (she was 1 year old) can be found at

Dog show in Poland (Chorzów) was more successful than the last year.
Amethrickeh Apparition "Pinto" on Saturday, judged by Eva Eriksson (Sweden) Excellent 1, CWC and on Sunday judged by Brian Hawkins (UK) also Excellent 1, CWC.

Photos from Poland can be found at

New and wonderful photos of Pinto by Kristina Hejdukova!

August 22, 2009 - Regional show in Brno

We were very successful at the Regional Dog Show in Brno this weekend. Pinto (Amethrickeh Apparition) was Excellent 1 and won the titles Class winner, Regional winner and BIG (Best in the 1st FCI group)!! Gabi (PATTY GABRIELA Smaal Kim) was also Excellent 1 and earned the title Junior class winner. The weather was supposed to be terrible but in the end it wasn't so bad and we are very happy we didn't stay at home!

July 24, 2009 - Pinto!

We have a new dog! His name is Amethrickeh Apparition but we call him Pinto. He is a 5 year old dog from breeding station Amethrickeh in UK (Ms Heather Bendelow). He will be available for mating later this year!

June 19, 2009 - Shows in Slovakia

We attended two dog shows at the beginning of this month. Unfortunatelly due to unforseen events we were unable to attend a third one in Senec. On Saturday and Sunday both Charlota Gold and Patty Gabriela were competing. Although Patty Gabriela was less than happy to be at a dog show (it was her first time), we returned successful. Photos courtesy of CHS KK Jantárová hviezda. Charlota Gold earned BIS VETERAN title on Sunday. (Charlota Gold, Patty Gabriela)

May 9, 2009 - Our new hope

We have a new bitch in our kennel!

A bitch named Patty Gabriela Smaal Kim made me change my mind about buying a Czech shetland sheepdog. She is so sweet! She comes from a very interesting breeding and we place a lot of hope into her. Thanks to everyone for your support! See you at the dog shows!

May 3, 2009 - English section of this website has been launched.

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