Katerina Pankova

  • Petrovice nad Orlici 60
  • 517 21 Tyniste nad Orlici
  • Czech Republic

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    +420 602 301 211
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    [email protected]



About Us

Shetlandska hvezda is a small kennel located in the Czech Republic. Our main goal is the health and wellfare of all our dogs. We have been actively promoting and supporting clinical as well as genetic testing for eye diseases in our country.

We have had the misfortune to encounter even rarer diseases than CEA or PRA. One of our shelties has epilepsy and a heart murmur, another one has grown to magnificent 53cm, another bitch has been attacked by her previous owner (suffered a skull fracture and is now afraid of loud noises), a dog imported from Great Britain has severe hip dysplasia and had ear surgery (so the ear would bend correctly) which, of course, is forbidden.

So as you can see, we have a little ZOO at home, but we love them all nonetheless. And who is this "we"? Katerina Pankova (the owner) and Lukas Krincvaj (the boyfriend). You can email us for more information or with questions about anything you might want to ask. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!